Simple Websites


Many people think simple websites are easy to design. That’s not true. Don’t trust a college student with your business site because college students don’t understand the needs of business owners. College students and other amateurs aren’t reliable or responsible either. Businesses and their customers expect reliable and stable sites that perform smoothly.

Real business sites also need to be updated and maintained, two tasks the average business owner isn’t really equipped for. These are also tasks that should only be farmed out to a professional web development firm.

A basic, or static, Web site is just a simple set of pages created using FrontPage or, even worse, a free online Web builder. These sites will not be enough for today’s online business world.
We design sites that look simple, but contain sophisticated back-end software that ensure a simple design that is smart and reliable. Think of Google. Their home page is simple and clean, but there is tons of sophisticated code running in the background. Where possible, a simple Web site should present that sort of look to users.

Our “simple website” design is a complete small business solution that looks clean and simple. The site will still give a professional look to the business and provide all of the information a customer would need to know.

You can learn more about simple website designs by studying the Web development packages web development packages that we offer.