Website Design

Software Solutions Inc creates websites that offer an effortless user experience, achieve high rankings on the major search engines, and promote your business and brand to your target audience. Our talented and experienced Web design team translates your business brand and message into the digital language of content, site functionality and images to create a site that brings visitors back again and again.

We always work to balance the marketing goals of our clients with best practices in website design and with the capabilities of the newest Web technologies. Of course we also work within the client’s existing branding, to ensure a uniform online presence. Our fields of expertise span the range of technical skills that contribute to high performing sites:

  • Optimizing visual design
  • Leveraging new Internet technology
  • Creating search engine friendly content
  • Managing online ad campaigns

We work closely with our clients to assess their goals, target market and budget so we craft websites that put our clients on the virtual map.

The Design Process

We begin by analyzing your market, your competition, and your customer base. Then we review existing marketing materials and strategy, as inspiration for the site design. We research competitors’ sites for more design and content ideas. Finally, we create a wireframe (a sort of site blueprint) for each page and design from that.

Vision and Experience

Every website you see is a hybrid creature, built by teams of skilled designers who know how to balance the aesthetics of design and the needs of the underlying technology. The Software Solutions Inc design team has expertise in all of the major website technologies: HTML, CSS, XHTML, Cold Fusion, PHP, and DHTML, among others. Our designers also have expertise in graphic design, journalism and art. With that technical and artistic design knowledge at hand, our designers create a blueprint, which they can fill out with color, typography, images and animation that create the perfect user experience for your business.

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