SEO optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is vital to search visibility, a key to gaining new website visitors and the increased market share they bring. Top search engine rankings are the product of careful design and planning, and research into how your audience searches for information. Keywords, page design, and tags all influence the “relevancy” search engines use to rank websites.

Search engine optimization involves testing multiple scenarios. Also, it requires monitoring usage to ensure maximum usability for the visitor and that up-to-date techniques are used for search engine spiders. Monthly maintenance services include a wide variety of tactics that are most appropriate for the site at that time. As we become more familiar with your market, and are able to test what is working well, we select monthly marketing tactics based on this.

Our designers can use a range of techniques to make sure your site provides an excellent ROI:

  • Building quality links
  • Getting good citations
  • Set up and use Google Webmaster tools
  • Monitor Google analytics
  • Perform site updates and make related recommendations
  • Optimize title, meta tags, and image tags
  • Conduct usability testing
  • Make strategy recommendations related to links, social media, content, and link bait

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