What to choose in 2022: mobile app or website?

This is a common request from business owners. A mobile app and a website can have their pros and cons.

First, define your goals

The right choice—a website or an application—depends on your business goals. If your goal is to offer mobile-friendly content to a wide range of people, then a mobile website is probably your best bet. However, if you want to better interact with your customers, communicate with them to increase loyalty, a mobile app is probably better.

mobile app

Responsive Website VS Apps

Which is better for your business?

Mobile site

Let’s take a look at the mobile version of the site. A mobile site is an adaptive version of the site for mobile devices, i.e., it’s the same site but looks good and is easy to use on tablets and smartphones.

Mobile site benefits:

The site will be used by a much larger number of users due to the ease of transition, no need to do extra steps. To use the application, you will need to install it. If you believe the statistics, then a relatively large percentage of users will not install the application, even when they go to a store or marketplace.

The mobile site looks correct on all devices regardless of the platform (Windows Phone, Apple, Android).
But the application will have to be developed separately for each.

The site is easy to update, and all changes will immediately occur to the user.
It won’t work with an app. For an update to appear, even after the release, it takes time to check.

The cost of the mobile version is always several times cheaper than the application.
This is due to the complexity of development. To make the application work on popular platforms, you will have to create it from scratch for each.

Mobile app

Application Benefits:
With the application, you will always be in touch with users
You will be able to send push notifications. And also to remind both about the application itself, in case the user has not logged into the application for a long time, and about some important event. This feature is not available on the website.

Application Appearance
Often, sites are inferior to applications in terms of interface, because. They are much bulkier. Therefore, to fit them into a small screen is quite a difficult process. With the application, everything is easier. Only the information you need will appear on the screen, the buttons will be large enough that you don’t need to use a finger sharpener to get into it, as is the case with some sites.

Any application has the ability to remember user actions and adapt the application to it. For example, the user enters some data. You won’t have to enter any more data when you use the app.

Customizing the application for the user
Popular platforms are able to keep track of their owner and know exactly when and what he does (puts on charging, uses a certain application, does not use a smartphone, etc.). Thanks to this, you will always be able to make changes and additions to the application by the time it is used.

Now you know more about what is behind the concepts of “mobile site” and “mobile application”. But what is better and more, you need to decide for you. After all, each business is individual, which means that the methods of its construction and development are different.